While following a clear-cut philosophy pertaining to cultural regeneration in all our activities since our first steps, we decided in 2012 to develop a slightly different idea, which had as its main focus to encourage and facilitate a series of processes in order to relook at the implementation on the Constitution and Democracy in Greece as it is today. An impressive variety of ideas, suggestions and priorities surfaced through an informal platform for dialogue and collaboration between a diverse team of professionals from different fields, ages and countries. It was recognized that the Greek society has a number of -until recently- unspoken initiatives that answer to issues related to the ways Politics and Democracy are applied in our country nowadays. This led to the conclusion that there is no reason to come up with new initiatives to take place, but rather to give the existing ones a platform to be developed and the right tools to be coordinated in order to tackle

The team worked with the term “Democracy” as its main focus, recognizing it as the essential requirement for the existence of a coherent and creative society, and at the same time as a unique symbolic element to define the identity of a place. The team designed a social platform through the operation and the activities of which, Athens is being established as an international center for research about and innovation in Democracy, Political Science and Philosophy, and as a prototype for Democracy as it should be applied. In November 2012 “Politeia 2.0 – Democracy Reborn” earned the Public Award I the 1st Competition for Social Innovation by the European Investment Bank. This competition aims to encourage the realization of innovative ideas and to recognize andreward those who promise vital social benefits or introduce outstanding practices with tangible, escalating results.

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