CityToolBox LAB Athens / Rethinking Kypseli Market

CityToolBox LAB Athens / Rethinking Kypseli Market

CityToolBox lands in Athens!


CTB_Lab kickstarts in Athens, Greece, October 4th-6th,  in a joint effort with Actors of Urban Change community and Impact Hub Athens within the 16th MitOst Festival (3-7/10). Municipal Market of Kypseli has been chosen to experiment with the application of established tools from the platform. The aim is to connect and empower the local community in Kypseli by implementing the tools, and therewith shape new connections of citizen engagement in the further development of the market.

CTB_Lab is the continuation and transfer to physical space of platform. It addresses particular local challenges of any city/ neighborhood with existing CTB-platform tools and – in the process – develops new ones in collaboration with cultural producers, authorities, activists, and academics from the local context. CTB_Lab aims at tackling challenges that have been left behind by conventional urban administration, development or regeneration.

During the CTB_Lab, the CityToolBox group will work together with the local community in order to translate and integrate two established tools from Berlin, Speisekino, and Gütermarkt. The CTB_Lab is organized in the context of the Official re-Opening of the Kypseli Municipal Market.


Thursday | 04/10 | 10.00

Internal work session on understanding of socio-political context and development of Kypseli neighborhood as well as the Kypseli market for the CityToolBox group, by Impact Hub Athens and Loukas Bartatilas (Architect, Actors of Urban Change Program Alumnus), a resident and expert of the neighborhood.

Friday | 05/10 | 20.00

The Greek version of Speisekino, CINE-Mageiremata will take place in Kypseli Market where different tastes inspired by a single or more movies translate into a cine-gastronomic experience with free entrance. The topic of first CINE-Mageiremata is “Market as transformation spaces”. The uniquely designed for the event recipes are made by Madame Ginger.  

© Impact Hub Athens

Saturday | 06/10 | 10.00

Internal work sessions on the development of a frequent open market inside Municipal Market following Gütermarkt example, with the managers and tenants of Kypseli Market, CityToolBox group, participants from the 16th Mitost Festival in Athens and local stakeholders. The work session will define the main aspects for the implementation of the “open market”, including concept, participants, management and communication strategy.

© ZK/U is an online platform for the dissemination and sharing of tools for transformation and urban appropriation developed in partnership by 6 European organizations, namely ZK/U – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik from Berlin (Germany), House! Society from Maribor (Slovenia), Teren Otwarty / Open Territory Foundation from Lublin (Poland), Place Identity from Athens (Greece), Mjestimice svjetlo / In Places from Zagreb (Croatia) and 4iS – Plataforma para a Inovação Social from Aveiro (Portugal). This project was born of the partners’ joint will after they met when participating in the first edition of the program Actors of Urban Change of the Robert Bosch Foundation & MitOst.


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*CTB_Lab Athens is funded by the Program ”Actors of Urban Change”

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