We extend an invitation to all of you on Sunday, February 2nd, 17.00-21.00, at Impact Hub Athens (Karaiskaki Str. 28), where we will discuss and initiate the Citizens’ Workshops for the development of a ’2nd generation’ Constitution for Greece, by the citizens for the citizens.

The project “Constitution 2.0” aims at the increased participation of citizens so that the Greek society itself may formulate and defend radical changes of the civil and constitutional statutes. We believe that in-depth understanding and planning of our country’s Constitution is a matter that concerns all Greek citizens. Contemporary tools and participatory design applications allow, today more than ever, the effective and creative participation of society regarding the necessary changes of our country’s governing model.

The Workshop will take place by utilizing the World Café method, a simple and comprehensible method of discussion that provides participants with the opportunity to express themselves freely, discuss in-depth and formulate common ideas and proposals. During the workshop citizens will participate in small groups and they will discuss civil matters. The purpose of the workshop is the gathering of perceptions, values and new ideas by the citizens as to what is needed in terms of the regulation of a new Democratic Constitution and in what way. In the first part of the workshop we will visualize and create thePoliteia (State) that we would like to live in and we will record its individual characteristics. In the second part we will formulate the procedures and the civil statutes that will enable the realization of the Politeia   that we desire.

The “Citizens’ Workshops – Constituion 2.0” will take place in various cities throughout Greece. The aggregated data will be the foundation for a national survey regarding the development of a new Constitution for Greece, by the citizens for the citizens.

Due to limited availability of space, please fill out the following on-line registration form by providing your name and email account

Admission is free. For more information:

Email: [email protected] | Tel: 6977971517

* “Constitution 2.0” is one of the projects of the political innovation platform “Politeia 2.0” that aims in the reinvention of Democracy, by the citizens, for the citizens. The projects are being funded in a participatory manner by the citizens. For more information visit

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