Walking into a dream, in Athens

Συγγνώμη,αυτή η εγγραφή είναι διαθέσιμη μόνο στα English.

nothing-really-endsWalking into a dream, in Athens
“Συν-οικία Πιττάκη”

Have you ever felt like the line between reality and fantasy is extremely thin? If not, we’re sure you’ll reconsider…

Imagine how you’d feel if, while walking Athens’ downtown hazy alleys, you found yourself surrounded by hundreds of lamps and lanterns. We’re sure you’d try and pinch yourself! IMAGINE THE CITY and BEFORELIGHT (with the support of Coca Cola and the municipality of Athens amongst others) have decided to make Athens more homey and familiar by making this dream come true.

And the best part is-all of the lamps used were previously unwanted and donated to this cause by people of the city. The magic doesn’t stop there of course! In the same street, we’ll find an outdoor exhibition by illustrator Christina Tsevis, who’s whimsical work we’ve featured in the past here on graphic-art news! That shouldn’t surprise Tsevis’ followers, given the fact that she “plays” with urban sceneries and lights very often in her work!

Be sure to check out the opening party if you’re in Athens, this Friday at 21.00, Pittaki street, Psyrri.


Source: Graphicart news

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